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Passion to serve.

We are a company dedicated to the planning and execution of professional tourist transport services.

Dainzúu offers travelers an extraordinary way to discover the natural, cultural and artistic riches of our oaxaca indigenous people.

Proud of our local heritage, we work under a sensitive and responsible concept allowing the traveler to enter the flow of local life trying to avoid a negative impact on the places visited.

We offer perfectly researched, organized and planned itineraries to give the traveler the best experiences; all our visitors are unique so we develop specific itineraries for each group.

Our logistics, knowledge and planning are the ones that distinguish us and make your trip safe.


We have:

*Professional bilingual guides with extensive knowledge of the places visited.
*Recent tourist quality model vehicles endorsed by the SCT.
*Shared and private ground transportation services with guide or driver.
*We customize your itinerary by optimizing distances between destinations.



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